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Ending Female 
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Ending Female Cutting
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In Sierra Leone over 90% of girls continue to go through Female Genital Mutilation. Grow for Hope was founded on Hawa's deep desire to try to change this cultural practice that is incredible damaging to health of young ladies, families & communities. Grow for Hope holds educational meetings for families in villages we serve three times a month. We began by sponsoring school for five girls in exchange for their families committing to keep their girls from cutting. Currently we have 255 girls in the program.
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Peanuts, peppers and rice...there is so much happening in Sierra Leone! We started with planting peppers in 2018. In 2021 Hawa taught herself how to farm peppers & in 2023 Hawa moved into planting rice - again completely self taught! Prior to the civil war, Sierra Leone grew more than 90% of the rice consumed in country. Today it is less than 10%!
The farms provide employment for women, food for the communities and finances to support the schooling stipends to help end female circumcision.
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Grow for Hope supports education in a multitude of ways. We support 255 girls in their primary and secondary education endeavors; we provide education on the impact of female cutting monthly in two villages we serve; & we monthly host three Bible studies for girls (and any boys that want to join).
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Many women in Sierra Leone are single parents who are solely responsible for providing for their children. There are limited safe employment opportunities for women in Sierra Leone. Grow for Hope strives to create sustainable employment opportunities for women in Sierra Leone.
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